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Become a Volunteer

An outline of a hand, facing you, with a heart visible on the palm. It makes you feel warm and charitable. We simply cannot do our work without volunteers. There are countless opportunities available, from “things are crazy and I wish I could do something” to “I have a specific vision for an event I want to host for Jetpac.” No matter what, if you think you want to help, we’d love to hear from you.
Become a volunteer
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Become a Fellow

We accept applications year-round for our Public Service Fellowship program. If you think you might be interested in running for office one day, or you’d like to learn more about organizing your community, let’s chat about whether a Public Service Fellowship is for you.

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Intern With Us

We’re hiring interns on a rolling basis for the following positions: Government Affairs, Political Communications/Development, and Social Media/Graphic Design. Your flexible and exciting internship with Jetpac will teach you the ins and outs of nonprofit life while developing strong skills.


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